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Former Deadspin Writer Is 'Terrified' Of Escalators

A report published today in The Times of London revealed that Donald Trump is afraid of stairs. Seen below holding hands with British PM Theresa May during her visit to The White House.

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The reason for this awkward hand-holding? Depends on who you ask. Was it a chivalrous gesture on POTUS part as some have proposed (seriously?). Is a series of 7-inch drops in elevation enough to make The Don nearly piss his pants? Far from being the “healthiest president ever elected” his 70-year old bones must be as fragile as his ego.

Donald Trumps stair phobia led to some journalists coming forward about similar fears “For the sake of full disclosure” just in case anyone had questions. Shortly after finding out herself Ashley Feinberg, Editor in Chief at Gizmodo decided to share a bit of personal information with the world:


And for good reason:


Overall another embarrassing day for America.

UPDATE: too late.

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